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Our Mission

Donatetrack has one mission and this is to make it easy, fast and safe for people to donate quickly, anytime, anywhere and track all donations:


Giving is for worship.

We’re always on your team.

In every role, every goal, every breath we take we serve the Church. We’re constantly innovating the best technology, strategies, resources, and support in order to equip you to transform your community!

  • Yommy

    Executive team leader and member of varied corporate boards credited with expertise in corporate administration, project/product development, corporate social responsibility and start up NGO’s. She is passionate about charity works and making a positive impact on vulnerable communities. She has worked on over 59 different projects on potable water, education, children and women empowerment in Africa and the USA. Founding member of DONATETRACK Llc.

  • Ajibade

    Olufemi possesses a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Politics from the University of Exeter, UK, as well as a Master of Science degree in International Affairs from New York University (NYU). He is a data enthusiast with a passion for leveraging Business Intelligence platforms in enhancing the measurement and reporting of performance outcomes of social programs deployed. As a Performance Data Analyst for the United Planning Organization (UPO) – one of the foremost NGO’s in DC - Olufemi plays a key role in analyzing, evaluating and reporting the performance outcomes of various social services programs to ensure maximum impact from service delivery.

  • Tim Rich

    When you’re a small business or organization, it’s hard to grow profitably without investing more money into advertising. Tim Rich is a Copywriter and Marketing Consultant from the UK who works with established small businesses to increase their profits without raising their advertising expense. In his spare time, he enjoys a good movie, has a love affair with pizza, and suffers scratches from his two cats, PB and Dante.

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