Donatetrack is for all individuals, churches or Non profits seeking a sustainable transparent way of tracking donations

  • • Transparency – our service is trustworthy and safe; there are no hidden charges or fees.

  • • Caring – we care about the community and the bigger picture as a whole; if you are moved by issues and topics, so are we.

  • • Proactive – we think ahead, empowering you to donate to a wide range of Charities / Churches

  • • Social – we are not on the fringe when it comes to getting involved in meaningful causes – think of us as your social partner when it comes to donating

Donatetrack does not charge individuals any monthly fees or sign up fees. A transaction admin fee of 2.8%+30 cents is taken out of each donation before the funds are disbursed to the organization.

Depending on time, Monday-Friday donations made before 9:00 PM Eastern are deposited into your account the next business day. Donations made after 9:00 PM Eastern may need an additional date to process. Donations made on a holiday or over the weekend are disbursed the next business day.

No. All organizations are charged only Admin fees.

Yea anyone can use the Donatetrack App.

Login to your account and click the Settings tab, Select App Profile, Upload your images into the designated areas..

Click on Android or iPhone to preview what the mobile giving app will look like on each respective device.

  • In order to process a merchant account for next day deposits, Donatetrack requires a voided check or bank verification letter to ensure that donations made with the mobile giving app are deposited to the correct organization account. The voided check or bank verification letter must include:

  • • your bank routing number

  • • your bank account number

  • • the name and address of your organization

  • The routing number and account number are usually listed at the bottom of your checks. Please note that we do not accept starter checks.

Login to your organization account

Select the Donations tab

Select Received

The total amount of money received to date will be highlighted at the top of the page. You can view the breakdown of donations by offering type and by date

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