Last updated: 07 Dec 2017

Christmas Decoration Ideas for this Festive Season

A big part of the December frenzy every year involves zeroing in on innovative Christmas decoration ideas that can make your home stand out from the crowd. While this may not be the focal point of the Yuletide spirit, it wouldn’t really be Christmas without all the fretting, experimenting and proud displays of your design prowess!

Innovating with your Christmas Decorations every year

Finding innovative décor ideas every single festive season can get rather taxing. After a point, there’s little fun in just being different, and this can reflect on the quality of the decorations you finally put up. Try shifting your focus to what you really like. To the kind of aesthetics that appeals most to your senses. There are many ways to incorporate minimalism in your festive gear. Restricting your color palette to just one or two base hues is one such method. Not only does this give a nice abstract touch to your wreaths and baubles, it is a great way to inaugurate your home’s recently remodelled contemporary interiors. Talk about being innovative!


Christmas is so closely associated with certain shapes and objects, that completely getting rid of them simply doesn’t work. Wreaths for instance. No festive home can get away with the absence of those colorful rings of flowers and leaves. However, it is possible to tune your wreaths with your modern decor scheme. Think paper cut-outs, origami, and recycled elements. It gives you a great opportunity to go handmade.

A pocket friendly Christmas: decorations needn’t cost a bomb to look good

Take it as the trend for this festive season, or a pre-New-Year resolution. Spend effort instead of money on your decorations. We as a nation spend millions of dollars every year buying paraphernalia, hardly any of which gets reused the next time around. Breathe life into your ideas this year, by crafting them rather than purchasing off-the-shelf knick knacks. You’ll have way more fun figuring out how to go about it, and you’ll also have the freedom to decide every step from scratch. And your Christmas decorations, when complete, will more than make up for all your hard work!

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