Last updated: 16 Nov 2018

I SIMPLY BELIEVE ‘IT IS GOOD TO DO GOOD’ irrespective………………………

Have you ever wondered about life and the reason for existence? As Christians our foundation is in our faith. We believe in the existence of the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. We have read the Holy Book and are daily guided in our walk with God and our salvation. It is our fervent prayer that we will receive our crown from the Master at the end of our journey.

However before that journey ends, how are we living our lifes on earth?. Do we love our neighbors?  There have been too many instances where in seeing some ragged children, the poor, the lame and the needy that one is not grateful for the love of the Master as it is said ”……..but for the Grace of God……….. there goes I”. We must remain for ever grateful and above all thankful. There is a need to make the lives of others a little less painful; to give them hope for another new day.

There are a number of reasons to make a contribution to charity. Your giving is a self expression of your inner heart, your beliefs and your interest. Whatever your financial situation may be, there is always room to give that little part of your resources.  Have you never given someonesome money which to you may be the cost of a pizza and marveled at the gratitude and the expressions of joy on their faces making you feel guilty? After all you practically can afford to eat pizza everyday if you so desire but they may not know where their next meal is coming from!!!

This is one reason why it is good to do good. Nothing can bit the expressions of joy on deprived faces!!!!May we always have resources to share.

There are different ways to give – an annual / monthly contribution, giving of tithes, through a targeted funding even your time etc. Most of us have separate accounts for money we want to use for specific purposes. We have checking accounts, money market accounts, retirement accounts,  savings accounts, so it is a good step to take in also having a separate charitable giving account.

Some real life financial investors advise ways of becoming wealthy as simple as dividing your income into 3 ‘piggy’ bank accounts labelled – SAVINGS, ASSETS and CHARITY. Yes a third to be put aside for charity……..that is their guidng principle and their successes over the years have proven that it worked. In giving, you receive more.

You can set up a donor-advised fund to help organize and maximize your giving. It is quick and easy to do, and you can customize the fund to meet your needs as an individual, family or business through



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