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What does God say about giving?

Most Christians agree that the Bible is the greatest handbook to life that was ever produced. A timeless masterpiece. It is the single greatest medium through which we receive guidance from our creator. When we need support or guidance we can rest assured the answer lies deep between the pages of the book that has sold the most copies ever. In fact, no other book has had as many copies given away either.


Giving is one of the single greatest acts that a Christian can do. It’s not the simple opposite of taking away because the act of giving has an exponential effect and the bible makes it clear that Christian giving is much more than a transactional experience. The bible is filled with verses and stories that cover giving and this is a sure sign that giving is exceptionally important, as part of Gods will.

A thread throughout the bible

Deuteronomy 15:10 – Give generously to him, and do so without a grudging heart, then because of this the lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.

If ever there was a cause and effect verse in the bible, this is one is clear. It becomes clear that this message is intended to continue in a straight thread from its Jewish origins because in 2 Corinthians 9:6 we are told – Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.

When a Christian gives without the sense of obligation, the purity of the gift is generously rewarded with success. It makes sense that when God sees a person that is happy to share his bounty with others, God continues to use this person to channel his bounty to those that deserve. Some of the wealthiest people in this world become wealthier all the time. While we undoubtedly see incredible greed for both money and power amongst the mega rich, when we take a close look, it is easy to find those that get wealthier not only through shrewd personal investment, but also it would appear, by continually giving away and sharing of themselves and their personal wealth.

Giving generously is rewarded

Excellent examples of this kind of generosity are Sir Richard Branson and Bill and Melinda Gates. Richard Branson in fact is part of the group known as the elders on which both Desmond Tutu and the late Nelson Mandela were a part. Nelson Mandela often referred to as a closet Christian, because of how he never allowed his faith to be sullied by the quagmire of politics that he was drawn into.

The lesson in this is to give according to your means and as you progress through life you will realise that your means will increase. Although we will not all become mega rich, by providing for the needs of God and his Church, your Lord will never forsake you and will ensure that even in hard times you will have enough for yourself and to give some.

Giving doesn’t just end with these two verses at opposite ends of the bible. Giving is a clear and coherent message that we repeatedly receive. We are not just told to give in material ways, but in spiritual ways too. By giving of material means we contribute to the practical ministry of the church body worldwide and bring into being the unity that was envisioned for us as gods children.

An instruction direct from Jesus

In Mark 12:17, Jesus makes it clear that we should give to men what is their due and give to God what is his. A direct instruction from our saviour. Every Christian strives to be Christlike and there is nothing quite like being told clearly what you are expected to do. There is no getting out of it. Jesus himself ensured that there is no misinterpretation of how we should go about spreading the word.

A modern God for Modern man

Because we are human, and therefore also fallible, God has made it quite easy for us to follow this instruction. As the world in which we live changes rapidly, even modern technology has changed enabling us to manage money differently. We can manage our banking online, we can donate online, we can even give to our own church and congregations online. If ever there was evidence that God can turn anything that can potentially be used for evil and turn it into a tool for his own purpose, it is the power of digital and online giving. As tech becomes part of our everyday lives, it has become a fantastic tool to propagate both Gods will and Gods word. In the same way that we can pay in stores using our phones, or contactless technology we can also give to our church and faith organizations. By grabbing these tech tools for the work of Christ – we turn swords into plows

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