Last updated: 25 Jun 2018

Why Donation Websites Are Here to Stay

Crowdfunding and donation websites are the wave of the future. Although you always hear about entrepreneurs and artists getting their businesses and ideas funded through crowdfunding, more donations these days are now being given to churches and non-profit charitable organizations. Statistics show that roughly $60 billion is donated per year to charities by businesses and organizations from all around the world. A big reason why profit corporations may want to donate is if a nonprofit organization has a mission that aligns with their own corporate values and mission statement. Sometimes it may even be a way for the company to market themselves as being charitable to their stakeholders.

            On the internet, you will find a variety of donation websites to choose from but which one is right for you? Well, most of them focus on donations to new for-profit business ideas and projects. If you want to be giving your voluntary donations to a charitable organization that supports a worthy cause, then you need to use a website like which focuses solely on worthy causes. That way, you can find a great number of worthy causes that you may not have known existed before. is the newest business donation receiving company that allows nonprofit organizations to accept donations which target giving towards a cause. This could be a cause for giving to homeless shelters, treating uninsured sick children, feeding the hungry, building shelters, and so on. The best part is that you can donate to a variety of causes right through the comfort of your own home. In fact, many donation websites now have their own mobile apps which let people donate from any location with a Wi-Fi or data internet connection. The ability to donate has never been easier.

            Individual people are always encouraged to donate to these worthy causes. You don’t have to be rich or have a lot of money in order to be a giving person. Another reason why donation websites are here to stay is that most of the money which gets raised per campaign comes from many people who donate small amounts. For example, if you have a fundraising project or church offering mission with a goal of raising $10,000 for it, then it is unlikely that you will get very many single donations of $1,000 or more. But if you advertise your campaign properly and get enough people to see it, you could end up with 1,000 people donating around $10 which will let you reach your goal.

Donation websites like use social media networking in addition to their own website platform to advertise their non-profit campaigns to people. Social media is a fast and free way to spread the word-of-mouth about a particular cause that may be important to a great number of people. This means that a great number of people will be donating small amounts of money toward it. So, it works out for everyone in the end. 

            The one thing that stops most people from donating is not getting anything back in return for themselves. For this reason, you will often see donation websites try to give incentives or rewards to people who donate towards business projects and entrepreneurial ideas. With charitable websites, the reward is in the giving itself. However, the one incentive that does come from donating to authorized charities is being able to claim a tax deduction on your income taxes. Businesses and individuals both see this as a huge plus for donating, aside from helping people too. gives you all the tools that you’ll need to track your donations so that you can calculate your income tax deductions properly. This service comes free with each account and the only one who is charged anything by the website is the organization, not the donator.

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