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Hello my name is Jacqueline Leggette Alexander, Please read my story and donate to my DonateTrack, I am not homeless yet nor is my story as sad as most but I do need help and for me my downfall started in 2007 when my job shut down which was called Shogren hosiery and had to get help from hud organization  because my husband was already drawing disability due to having lymphoma for those that don't know it is cancer. I got another job but it was nowhere near what I made before but couldn't work more than that one job due to now taking care of my late husband and our two children and things started slowly falling behind. Then in 2009, the unthinkable happened when my late husband Nicholas Leggette passed away from cancer some of you may know him as Mr. Eastside. When he left us I was so confused and lost as to how to take over all the many bills we had. The hud organization helped get a lower payment on the first mortgage but the lender of the second didn't respond so they didn't bother anymore. Well later that year an old friend and I ran into each other again but on a spiritual level and started dating and in 2014 we married but along that path he became ill and we found out he had a very bad heart, had to go on disability, and had to have a defibrillator put in just in case his heart stopped or got off rhythm really bad. Now back some in 2010, I received a letter wanting to settle the second mortgage or lose my home so once again I went to the hud office for advice and the counselor called and spoke with the lender who wanted to settle and told me not to worry about it they can't foreclose on your home without the approval of the first mortgage and not to worry about it because they had sold the mortgage twice already, so not knowing any better did just that but then in 2018 I wanted to know who owned it and a friend told me how to find out and then I sent an email to the second lender trying  to get a lower payment or a payment plan because it was worrying me so bad but only to not get a reply and then later in 2018 I started getting letters stating that I was severely behind after it had been sold twice and no communication on their part. Then the unexpected happened again my job shut down in January 2019 and I have been looking for a job and drawing unemployment and worrying that it is causing too much stress on my husbands heart only to receive foreclosure papers on his birthday for the second mortgage in which the hud counselor said not to worry about and it wouldn't happen. Within those foreclosure papers, it stated that I had to come up with the total amount as well as late fees and court fees which totaled to $37,000+.  I immediately made an appointment with the same HUD office and now all of a sudden they can't help at this time only to send me to legal aid in hopes that they can help. I thought to my self was they joking or what because it was partly their fault as well as mine considering they were supposed to be the professionals. So I am reaching out with nothing to hide and asking for help and thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and thanks so much for everyone who has helped by sharing my fundraising so far. We thank you for whatever God lays upon your heart to give. We are not beggars or scammers just fell down and need help getting back up.


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