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We ask for your support in a brand new educational project in Nigeria. Yes Nigeria. You like myself and many others will have be sent loads of scam letters particularly from Nigeria full of typos, spelling errors and poorly written grammar. This is really frustrating for the many genuine organisations trying to better the life of people in rural areas.


The Need: Lack of proper facilities and educators


There is a serious lack of facilities in schools in many African countries particularly in the state sector. This is resulting in low rates of education and a widening of the equality gap. I know first-hand that many resourceful teachers are not being continuously developed. Very few teachers are computer literate. This has begun to translate into students who are not able to word process or who have never heard of power point as a presentation software.


Many of Africa’s teachers enter classrooms with limited subject knowledge. One survey found that fewer than half of grade 6 teachers in Mozambique, Uganda and Malawi were able to score at the top of the competency level for the pupils.” Africa Progress Panel 2012


Anecdotally, I am aware of many teachers who take it in turns to go to work due to pay crisis so this problem is also in Nigeria. The following statements are extracts from a policy document by the Africa Progress Panel 2012. Nigeria was represented on that panel by the Ex-President – General Olusegun Obasanjo.


Teaching is typically delivered in rote fashion. In-service support systems are weak. And whether as a result of low morale, poor pay or a lack of accountability, Africa’s schools are plagued by an epidemic of teacher absenteeism.”


If getting more children into school has been a partial success story, the evidence on what they are learning points in a different direction. Africa’s schools are failing millions of children.”


. “There are 173 million young Africans aged 15 to 24. The majority have made the transition from childhood to the world of work with limited education. Only a minority went to secondary school, and the majority did not complete primary education.” Africa Progress Panel 2012



So who are we and why this passion?

We are a branch of an extended family born to the philanthropist – Late Chief Festus Adelusi Olowolafe Osekita – the first man to become a chartered accountant of England and Wales in Ekiti State (received a post-humus honorary award to this effect). The key driver for this project, Mrs Temitope Osekita is a highly experienced deputy headteacher of a secondary school in London. She is passionate about the achievement of young people and is a product of the Future Leaders programme (now Ambition School Leadership). She is also mother to four highly successful sons in STEM based careers in the UK. Below is her narrative:


On holiday in Nigeria in 2016, I was compelled to consider the current education in local schools and the poverty that had befallen teachers in an EKTV interview in Ekiti State of Nigeria. I felt very strongly about the issue and saw myself as one of the fortunate ones. Then came the challenge – what can we do about the situation? The community was crying out for help and we had limited resources to meet the need. I always had the vision to build a school and share some of my skills and experience but this was going to have to be different. This was going to be at a larger scale than imagined. I realised that I would also have to involve myself in advancing the teachers in the state. As a family, we were clear about something, the children of the poor needed to gain a similar educational experience as the children of the rich but this would be very expensive. How could we afford to build a school with ‘state of the arts’ facilities, pay the teachers a fair rate and offer scholarships to the children of the poor and looked after children in orphanages? How could we build the necessary facilities?”


The funding vision is to offer high end STEAM based education in state of the art facilities to children in a rural area – such that children of the rich are attracted to attend; and to offer scholarships to the children of poor parents so that eventually we will have at least 25% of our students on scholarships. This will allow students from both spectra to mix and learn about life on the other side. This is one way of bridging the gap in a practical way.


We need help to build the school and to equip it with state of the arts facilities. We have already started but like all building projects, our savings is not going to be enough.


So……starting from the beginning, we inherited from Chief Osekita, a block of 14 large rooms – potential classrooms but in a very sorry state and in need of complete rebuilding, modernising and refurbishment. We decided to white wash the building to see its true potential. It looked promising at this point, so we thought it just needed a little money on a new roof and some minor refurbishment and it would serve as a temporary site.


However, this summer 2017, we were dismayed to discover that there was further damage due to heavy storms and gale force winds which damaged the roof and many rooms during the summer rains. So we had to re-evaluate.


So What have we done so far?...

  • Architect’s plans; structural plans
  • Purchased Granite, Sand, Cement and Blocks
  • Built the fence – almost completed
  • Extensions - block work almost completed
  • Lintels completed for extension
  • Blocked off old soakaways; taken down walls
  • Need more funds for more blocks to complete


This is not a scam but visionary work by serious minded professionals and you would like to help. The questions are… what do we need and how can your organisation help?

The project is in 2 phases. This year, we need help with phase 1 – the creche, nursery and primary provision. On the next page I have attached the needs of the project in general. Our needs range from capital funds for building works to resources like children’s books and used laptops and desktop computers. There is so much waste around the world. Can we channel some to projects like this?

You or your company can help in various ways. For instance,


  • You may donate directly from this page.
  • You can fundraise for us within your organisation. What about collecting children’s books for us.
  • What about collecting toys for us.
  • Are you a company that can sponsor our playground?
  • Do you have well used laptops in your company – please donate to us
  • £65 equates to N37,000. It will get us one toilet/sink set – we need 14 sets
  • £80 will get us one well refurbished desktop computer – we need at least 10 (does not include shipping costs)
  • £400 will provide us with 1000 9”blocks
  • £500 shipping cost – 1000 free books to Africa (clearing not included)


You or your company may be able to help us reduce our cash reliance by donating goods and services. For example you may be in a position to:


  • Reduce the cost of your goods or services to us,

  • Provide us with free shipping,

  • Provide us with your ‘returned’ toys

  • Provide us with free books and equipment

  • Provide us with old models of scientific equipment

  • Provide us with fairly used equipment eg. ICT


Staff Training


Currently we have employed two teaching leaders on an honorarium and an Admin assistant. The admin assistant is now training the two teachers bringing them up to speed in the use of word, excel and power point. These are good teachers who have not had exposure or experience of the use of ICT in teaching and learning! There is a lot of work to be done. They are being paid by us to learn for the next 8 months. Two months ago, they started by using a borrowed laptop and a typewriter for keyboard skills. They are now learning in a computer center able to send me emails. But they need to practice at home. This is only possible if we can provide them with laptops or desktops. Can you help?


We had to escavate a part of the site which had been used as rubbish dump and the plastic bags etc did not allow us to create the german floor – this is just one example. We discovered that the original pillars were just filled with mortar. These have to be replaced, there was more land than we had anticipated so the fence was more expensive than we costed and so on. Managing such a project from abroad is challenging but we have a strong project manager on ground and we receive daily updates by way of skype, photographs and conversations. We have already spent close to £10,000 and we are yet to make a dent in the project.


Thank you for taking the time to read our information and learning about our project. We hope you will contact us by donation to https://donatetrack.com/osekita-academy, by email for more information or by referring us to the grant funding department within your organisation. If you would like to meet with me, view our plans or discuss our work in progress further before you fund please contact us on: Osekita.academy@gmail.com

Yours faithfully

Osekita Academy Board

Mrs T Osekita FRSB, M.Ed, NPQH

CEO Osekita Academy

Address: Osekita Estate, Iworoko Road. Iworoko Ekiti. Ekiti State. Nigeria

+447539466651; 0023408032496340

Email: Osekita.Academy@gmail

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